At Verdek, we pride ourselves on offering complete turnkey solutions for EV charger and CNG/LNG installations, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients. Here’s how we manage the entire process from start to finish:

Verdek's one-stop solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation exemplifies a streamlined and client-focused approach, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction through an eight-step process.

Initially, a meticulous Site Survey lays the groundwork, assessing the specific needs and spatial considerations for each installation. This is closely followed by the development of a tailored Strategy & Proposal, presenting clients with a customized plan that aligns with their unique requirements. Regulatory Authorization is then secured, navigating the complexities of compliance and certifications with ease, ensuring all legal and safety standards are met. With the formalities in place, the Installation Service proceeds with precision, employing expert technicians to integrate the EV charging infrastructure seamlessly.

Once installed, a thorough Safety Inspection is conducted to affirm the integrity and reliability of the charging units, safeguarding against any potential issues.

User Training is provided, equipping clients with the knowledge to operate their new systems effectively and confidently. To support longevity and optimal performance, Ongoing Maintenance services are offered, addressing any wear and tear or technical updates that may arise over time. Finally, Performance Supervision ensures the chargers continue to meet the high standards expected of Verdek, with regular reviews and adjustments made as necessary to maintain peak operation. Through this comprehensive and methodical process, Verdek ensures every aspect of EV charger installation is handled with expertise and a commitment to excellence.

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