Across the United States, forward-thinking businesses are making significant strides towards a more sustainable America, ardently supporting eco-friendly commuting alternatives for their workforce. Verdek™ stands as a beacon of support in realizing your organization’s sustainability aspirations, empowering your employees to conveniently charge their electric vehicles (EVs) while they contribute to your company’s success.

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Opting for Verdek Green Technologies for your parking facility does more than just facilitate your EV-owning employees. It serves as a magnetic attraction for the emerging generation of environmentally mindful professionals, who are actively seeking employers offering clean and green transportation solutions.

Some of the brands trusted us to make their workplace more climate-friendly 

Be an Environmentally Responsible Brand and

Be Loved by Employees and Audience

Fuel Your Business Growth with VERDEK

Don’t let charging challenges stall your business growth. Partner with VERDEK for innovative and reliable charging solutions that not only meet the evolving needs of your business but also underscore your commitment to sustainability and exceptional customer service. Contact us today and let’s drive your business growth together.

Get Turn-key Solutions

You choose the model, and we'll take care of the permitting, installation and inspection. We'll train you on how to use the station as well as perform any needed maintenance.