Embrace the future of sustainable bus transportation with Verdek™, your trusted partner in advanced charging solutions. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of modular and scalable charging solutions, ideally designed for highway corridors. Experience the convenience of accommodating multiple dispensers within a compact footprint, ensuring a cost-efficient installation process.

Photo: ChargePoint

As the momentum towards fleet electrification surges, guarantee your drivers seamless access to the swiftest charging systems available, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability in operations.

Our experience installing EV infrastructure for highway corridors has given us the pleasure of working with above entities:

Optimize Charging During Downtime, Experience Automated Charging Solutions with Verdek

Collaborate with Verdek for Superior Bus Charging Solutions

Join hands with Verdek™ for innovative and efficient bus charging solutions, tailored to meet the unique demands of modern bus fleets. Let’s work together to not only enhance the operational efficiency of your fleet but also contribute significantly to the global movement towards eco-friendly and sustainable transportation. Engage with Verdek™ today, and together, let’s revolutionize the bus transportation landscape.

Get Turn-Key Soulutions

Select the model that suits your needs, and leave the responsibilities of permitting, installation, and inspection to us. We will provide comprehensive training on station usage and ensure all necessary maintenance is expertly handled.